• ReactNativeenables developing cross-platform apps easily with native platform capabilities. It requiresthe same code for both Android and iOS apps and gives the same performance without the need for extra coding.

  • As it is component-based, it enables to reuse of code for creating web and mobile apps. This is the key advantage of React Native development.

  • In addition to reusable coding, the rich component library and third-party plugin support make the app development fast.

  • React Native App Developers needs proficiency in JavaScript with the skills of APIs, native UI library and multiple platform app development. Thus, you can get the best solution for your mobile app requirement using React Cross Platform.

  • One of the best features of React is live reloading that enablesReact developers to get the modification soon with changing of code. Thus, developers can see the instant effect of his updates that help them to make the update process simple and fast.

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